Mordekai (“Harry”)
Derawinda Zeus x Naleea
HAHR# 1A379334
Foaled: June 30, 2006
Grey gelding, 16.1hh with shoes, and weighs 1100 lbs.

Price: $10,000 with special considerations to Arabian horse show and/or AERC homes

This gentle, giant Morab (Morgan x Arabian cross) grey gelding loves to be on the trail. He has a big trot and when he’s in shape, Harry will carry you with his eyes bright and his ears up all day long. He goes out well with others, likes to travel at the front of the group, but doesn’t need to be in the lead. He will also go out alone.

Harry also does basic Dressage patterns and Sport Horse In Hand, although he has not formally competed in either.

He’s fat and happy playing with his gelding buddies, but Harry can be so much more and he deserves it and so does the right rider.


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harry-ft-huachuca-7-15-2018-head-neck-in-bridle-pic harry-ft-huachuca-ride-7-15-2018 harry-ft-huachuca-ride-with-kelli-7-15-2018 harry-janet-ft-huachuca-ride-with-kelli-7-15-2018 harry-with-sarah-a-december-2019 harry-with-sarah-round-pen-b-december-2019 harry-with-sarah-round-pen-december-2019