AMF Sundae Fairytale (“Sundae”)
Mr. Cool Hand Luke x Fairest Of Them All (Just Shockin Yall x All Ways Always)
ApHC# pending
Foaled: May 20, 2018
Purebred Appaloosa, bay blanket filly, 14.3hh barefoot will mature 15+hh, weighs 863.


AMF Sundae Fairytale, “Sundae,” comes from impressive Appaloosa bloodlines. Her sire, Mr. Cool Hand Luke, has sired multiple World and National Champions and was on the ApHC Leading Sire List 2012, 2013, 2014. His show record highlights include World Champion 3 YO Snaffle Bit Hunter Under Saddle, World Champion Hunter In Hand Stallions, World Champion Suitability For Dressage Yearling Colts.

Just Shockin Y’All is Sundae’s maternal grandsire. “Duncan” is a Bronze Medallion Earner and has two Superior event titles. He has also sired of a Bronze Medallion Earner & Multiple ROM Earners.

Sundae is a sweet, willing filly. She gets along with her herd mates but is just as happy to do some work with the humans. She’s the first one at the gate for love and food. Sundae has been stalled with access to an outdoor paddock and pastured outdoors 24/7. She adapts easily to both.

Sundae leads, ties, stands quiet for the farrier and vet. She lunges easily, although she’s not sure about the benefit. She’s an easy keeper and looking at her 15.2hh dam (which we own) and knowing her sire was 16.2hh, this is going to be a big mare.


Sundae’s panels and other DNA info were tested at Etalon Diagnostics, Inc.

Coat Color: Sundae has one Red variant and one Black variant, indicating the base coat color appears Black. One copy of the Dominant Agouti variant was detected; invisible on a Red base, it pushes/restricts Black out to points; legs, ear tips, etc. appearing Bay.

One Leopard Complex Spotting variant was detected which may result in White markings. As a result of the variant count in each of the following, she has a minimum 50% chance of passing Red or Black, and 50% Dominant Agouti and/or Leopard Complex Spotting to any offspring.

Variant Summary: Aa, Ee, nd1/nd2, LP/n

Myostatin: Sprint Type

Traits: Sundae has not tested positive for any recessive disease variants on this panel.

Full disclosure: Sundae has a very small hernia at her bellybutton site. Our vet says it was likely that the umbilical cord was tugged on and the hernia resulted. It has gotten smaller as Sundae’s grown. I’ve consulted two vets about removing it, and both are insistent that it would be nothing more than a cosmetic surgery since no intestine is involved, and it doesn’t cause her any problems whatsoever.

Video upon request to a prospective buyer. 

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