AMF Turn Signal (“Tina”)
Sire: US National Champion Anglo Arabian Stallion, Signal Bey++++//
Dam: Not That Innocent, purebred Arabian mare (Bey Shah+ son x Padrons Pysche daughter)

AAHR: AA11781

AHA Breeders Sweepstakes Entry

Foaled: February 17, 2017, bay filly

Price: $15,000

inno-and-filly-tina-on-day-she-was-born-0217207 tina-tight-head-shot-near-side-pink-halter-07012017 tina-three-quarter-off-side-07012017 tina-three-quarter-near-side-07012017 tina-pink-halter-front-ian-07012017 tina-off-side-pink-halter-inno-background-07012017 tina-off-side-pink-halter-07012017 tina-off-side-floating-trot-07012017 tina-near-side-three-quarter-inno-background-07012017 tina-ian-trotting-off-side-07012017 tina-ian-off-side-front-three-quarter-07012017 tina-ian-full-off-side-07012017 tina-full-face-three-quarter-inno-shadow-07012017 tina-full-face-three-quarter-07012017 tina-full-face-07012017 tina-front-pink-halter-07012017 tina-and-inno-07012017

Video upon request to prospective buyer.

Don’t let your location spoil your horse shopping fun. Carousel Trails horse hauling company is part of Auld Macdonald Farms Arabians. Each horse purchased from Auld Macdonald Farm Arabians can be delivered to its new owner, anywhere in the lower 48 states, at no charge(*). A purchased horse can also be delivered at no charge to Canada, but international export paperwork, exams, fees and taxes must be paid for by the new owner.

*Please note, there is no discount to the purchase price if the buyer makes their own hauling arrangements.


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Janet & Ian

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