AMF Renoirs Rapier (“Rapper”)
Legacys Renoir+ x Not That Innocent
AHR# 664181
May 2014, chestnut gelding, currently 14.2h barefoot, will mature to 15+h

Price: $12,000 USD

Smooth…Balanced…Sport Horse Hunter-type

“Rapper” is a handsome, flat-kneed mover. He engages his hocks, while maintaining a steady rhythm and a smooth, quiet ride… (think Mercedes). Prompt and obedient in his transitions, Rapper has been started over ground poles and cavalettis, and seems to enjoy this type of work, never getting quick or rushing his “fences.” He is being schooled three days a week as a hunter, SHUS and SHIH prospect. Just three years old, Rapper has already been ridden by his amateur owner, as well as a 13-year-old novice rider, and never put a hoof out of place. While he would no doubt be successful in the dressage arena or another discipline, Rapper’s bold, adventurous spirit, gentle demeanor, and lovely, naturally cadenced gaits all point to the hunter ring… perhaps with a junior rider.

Looking for a Best Friend?

Rapper is Mr. Personality and the pet of the barn. He is a happy-go-lucky charmer who gets along with everyone, people and horses alike, and has never met a stranger. In Rapper’s view, everyone is a friend, and everything is an adventure. He loves hacking out and has a tremendous, ground covering walk. He is the first one to the gate on his work days, and approaches every session with an enthusiastic attitude. This young gelding is looking for a partner who wants to have fun in the show ring, on the trail, and everywhere in between.

Rapper is currently 14.2h, and will mature to 15+h.

Video upon request for prospective buyer only. Talk with his trainer, Heather McKay, 859-230-5542.


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