AMF Renoirs Comet
Sire: US National Champion, Legacys Renoir+
Dam: V G Antazia (Tah Zaman+ x Gamaar)
AHR# 664195
May 6, 2014, grey gelding. Currently 14.3h barefoot, will mature to 15+h.

PRICE: $8,000 USD

2018 Show News Update:
Comet did his first USDF-sanctioned dressage show January 20, 2018, in Tucson.  Scored by two judges for Training Level Test 2, he received 63.654 and 62.500 for a Second Place ribbon. 


Comet has lovely, floaty movement, and a mature and willing attitude. This 2014 gelding is started as a dressage, Sport Horse Under Saddle and Sport Horse In Hand prospect. He moves nicely off the leg and has a solid medium walk, working trot and canter. He is very light and responsive, and is already working on his lateral movements. Comet has hacked out alone and with other horses. He is currently in training three days a week and will stay in training until sold. With his gorgeous, lofty gaits, and his sensitivity to the aids, we feel Comet’s greatest potential lies in the dressage arena… and we are expecting great things from this young sport horse!

Comet is a very affectionate and loving young horse. Under saddle he is full of energy and eager-to-please. On the ground, he is happy to stand quietly in cross ties, watching the various barn activities and hoping someone will give him a pat and maybe a treat as they walk by. He is equally content in his stall or turned out with mares and geldings.

Currently, 14.3h and will mature to 15+h.

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Janet & Ian

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