AMF Renoirs RockNRoll (“Rocky”)
Legacys Renoir+ x Not That Innocent (Bey Shah+ / Padrons Psyche)
AHR# 676305
AHA Breeders Sweepstakes Entry
April 23, 2018 chestnut colt, 15.1hh barefoot and weighs 835 lbs.

Price: $12000 with special considerations to Arabian horse show homes

AMF Renoirs RockNRoll, “Rocky,” attended the 2019 Arabian Horse Association’s Sport Horse Nationals in Crete, Illinois, and took Top 10 honors (1.5 points from Champion) in the Sport Horse In-Hand Yearling Colt/Gelding Breeders Sweepstakes class.

Rocky is another beautiful addition to the USN Champion Legacys Renoir+ family. This chestnut purebred Arabian colt is a sweetheart to handle and will be fun to watch as he grows. Rocky looks very much like his sire.

Rocky will be ready to start under saddle in 2021. He looks to be an excellent candidate for Sport Horse Under Saddle disciplines. He’s already a winner in Sport Horse In Hand!

Specific video upon request to a prospective buyer.

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